A CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission)publicou uma chamada para comentários sobre a inclusão da Globo entre as empresas aprovadas para transmissão no Canada on May 24, o texto diz:

"3- By letter dated 23 February 2005, the CCTA requested that the Commission add TV Globo Internacional (TV Globo) to the digital lists. The CCTA described the service as follows:

TV Globo: TV Globo is a 24-hour general interest channel in the Portuguese language targeted at the Brazilian and Portuguese community abroad. TV Globo programming includes tele-novelas, live news, variety programming, talk shows, documentaries and sports (soccer and live events)."

Mais detalhes no site da CRTC:

Para mandar o seu comentário note que teremos que seguir as regras que eles estabeceram e podem ser encontradas no site acima. Notem que entre as instrucoes tem um prazo para os comentários:

"Comments on the CCTA’s requests must be received by the Commission no later than 23 June 2005. A copy of the comments must be received by the CCTA no later than the deadline for receipt of comments by the Commission."
E' hora de todos os interessados manifestarem seu apoio, vejam abaixo uma serie de screens apara ajudar a encaminhar seu suporte caso ainda nao tenha feito.

No entanto, apesar de cada um poder escolher a melhor forma de se posicionar, poderiamos pensar numa forma organizada de nos manifestarmos tb. Assim além das manifestacoes individuais a nossa associacao organizao um abaixo assinado que vai estar disponivel na nossa Festa Junina - June 18. Tambem teremos um segundo abaixo-assinado para ser entregue `a Shaw Cable quando a Globo ja estiver aprovada para transmissao aqui no Canada.
Tambem poderiamos nos comunicar com todas as entidades que possam ter interesse que esta aprovacao aconteca para que se posicionem oficialmente junto a  CRTC (notem que a copia tem que ser encaminhada a CCTA).

Sugestoes de texto de apoio:
Continued growth in the Brazilian community in Canada has resulted in an increase for demand of Brazilian Portuguese language content availability.
Of interest as well to all Portuguese speaking audiences, the content of the Globo Network is known worldwide for the quality of their mini-series, (novelas) and should not be mistaken for the
North American soap opera. A good percent of these extended mini series also have cultural and historical relevance for all ethnic audiences wishing to gain knowledge of Brazilian culture. More
recently, interest in all things Brazilian has uncovered a general lack of information regarding Brazil's rich heritage and history and can well serve the Canadian public in this regard.
Globo Network also broadcasts soccer regularly in an avenue of sports content not normally available to Canadian audiences. The quality of sports play of Brazilian in-country and world level
soccer however would fill a large gap in the Canadian sports coverage arena and be a welcome addition. Another well covered sport that Globo Network brings is high quality coverage of the Formula 1 racing circuit to audiences currently finding it difficult to access
these races within the current channel offerings.
Globo International is an important communication channel for Brazilian news, and other entertainment that are of interest to Brazilians, Portuguese, and Canadians interested in the Brazilian culture. Local and regional soccer are broadcasted and are of great interest to
Brazilians, Portuguese and other. There are also programs for children which are of interest of children of Brazilian parent (s) to help with the language. I live in _________ for__ years, and would like to subscribe to this service once it becomes available in Canada. Please do not hesitate to contact me at phone___________________in case of any questions.

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