Thanks very much.  This is perfect.  

Up until today we had not received any opposition. Unfortunately today we received a letter from the Canadian Portuguese-language service, Festival Portuguese Television (FPTV). They are proposing specific conditions for approval for both TV Globo and RTPi. Luckily, we (CCTA), as the sponsor, have an opportunity to reply to this letter by July 8th. Despite the FPTV letter, I still think we have a pretty good chance in getting approval for both RTPi and TV Globo.

With regard to those people who may have sent in support but did not copy CCTA, that should be OK. It happens sometimes. The most important thing is that the CRTC receives the support letters. And of course it is most important for the CCTA not to miss receiving any opposition letters since we have the opportunity to reply to those types of comments.

Thanks again for your support.

Mary Lemon

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From: Elisia Teixeira []
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 2:19 AM
To: Lemon, Mary
Subject: Re: TV Globo - call for comments issued today

Dear Mary,
Please find attached your copy of our official submission of support to
your request of TV Globo transmission in Canada. I hope this is
sufficient as per stated in the call for Comments from CRTC. Please
advise if we are required to do something else.
Also, would you mind to provide us with an update for the possibilities
that this request is going to be approved? Do you know if there was any
comments of "opposition". I know that many people sent their support
online. However, I doubt that they sent you a copy... is there going to
be a problem?